Johnson's® Face Care Products


Caring for your skin is a daily task that can’t be complete without the right products! JOHNSON’S® face care products will help keep your skin healthy, glowing and beautiful. Our products are the outcome of 100 years of experience in designing the best skin care solutions for different skin types and needs. Our facial care range will cover all your skin routine needs, be it a facial wash, makeup removers, face cream or face moisturiser. All JOHNSON’S® face care products are designed with the #PowerofGentle in mind to ensure the best results without altering your skin’s natural balance. Check out our face care products and learn more about them below!

Products for every step of your face care routine

The first step to a flawless face care routine is finding the right products for your skin; it’s important to understand your face type to be able to choose the products that fit your skin best. No matter what your skin type is, you can always find a way to maintain it and keep it healthy and soft. There are also other things that you can do in addition to following a face care routine, like following a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water which will eventually reflect on your skin. Here are some basic steps you should follow as part of your daily face care regimen!

Use a face wash: The first step to any skincare routine is always to cleanse; the next steps should always be performed on clean and dry skin. Choose a face cleanser that matches your skin type to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Also, make sure you choose a facial wash that has natural ingredients like red berries, soy, honey and rose water which have many benefits for your skin’s health and elasticity. Soy and red berry, for example, are known for their brightening properties which can help enhance skin radiance and smoothness.

Apply face moisturiser: Moisturising your skin is an essential step in your beauty routine. This step will help protect your face against many harmful external factors that can dry your skin out. Also, moisturisation is one of the best ways to avoid fine lines and wrinkles by keeping your skin deeply hydrated. For this step, you can use a hydrating cream with SPF in the morning and then a night cream to recharge it overnight with essential moisture.

Don’t leave your makeup on: Removing your makeup before you go to bed is a must, use makeup removing facial wipes and wash your face properly. Or you can use a makeup removal like micellar water with soft cotton to remove waterproof makeup and cleanse sensitive skin gently. Explore more skincare tips here!