Johnson's® Body & Face Cream Products


A deeply hydrated and moisturised skin is healthy and protected skin. After a long day outside, the first thing you want to do to freshen up is to take a shower and wash your face. The second most crucial step is to rehydrate and moisturise your skin to protect it from any unwanted skin damage like dryness, fine lines, uneven skin tone and skin ageing. To start a perfect facial care and body care routine, you need to find the right face cream and body cream that can replenish moisture and protect your skin. Inspired by #ThePowerofGentle, we at JOHNSON'S® designed the best day and night face cream, hand cream and body cream to keep your skin soft and glowing throughout the day, and night! JOHNSON'S® cream range is your best friend when it comes to long-lasting moisturisation and healthy skin. Choose your face cream, hand cream and body cream from below and guarantee full face and body hydration and protection!


Benefits of using body cream and face cream

We can't stress this enough, moisturisation is the best way to combat dryness, roughness, discomfort and skin damage! Be it your face or body, finding the perfect cream to include in your beauty routine is imperative. Creams have a thicker texture than a lotion which allows them to create a protective barrier to lock in moisture in your skin and keep it ultra-hydrated. They are essential to protect your skin from external factors like heat, cold, wind and humidity. In addition to the protection that your body needs, creams can help you feel relaxed and pampered when you massage them gently onto your skin and face while you enjoy its delicate and pleasant fragrance. By replenishing lost moisture, body cream can also heal rough spots around the elbows, knees and feet.

What to look for in your face and body cream?

Your body cream should include natural ingredients which have effective properties that meet your skin's needs. In addition to finding the perfect fragrance that indulges your senses, look for a cream that contains components from nature like oats, honey, grape seed oil and rose water. All these ingredients have their own benefits in addition to the powerful moisturisation that the cream provides. You can also walk around with hand cream in your bag for a quick skin boast during the day, look for an easy to carry cream that guarantees 24-hour-moisturisation.

For your face cream, look for a hydrating cream with natural ingredients like rose water, soy or red berry to ensure even complexion and proper hydration. Your day cream has to include at least 15 SPF to protect you from harmful UV sun rays. An ideal night cream should wrap your skin in comfort and recharge it overnight with vital moisture to keep it hydrated for 24H. Learn more about face creams and moisturisers here and choose your ideal fit from a range of body creams and face creams by JOHNSON'S®.