Johnson's® Body Care Products


JOHNSON'S® body care products are designed to keep your skin at its best using natural ingredients and relying on 100 years of expertise in the skincare world. Our range of body care products caters to different skin types and needs, from body washes and cleansing soap bars to moisturising creams and lotions. JOHNSON'S® body care products are inspired by the Power of Gentle movement, which encourages people to choose gentler and more natural products to keep their skin healthy and exquisitely soft. If you're looking for the perfect products to add to your body care routine, check out these products below!

Products for every step of your body care routine


Why should you have a body care routine?

While we all dedicate a lot of time and effort to our face care routine searching for the best face creams, cleansers and serums, it's not always the case when it comes to body care. Just as you should follow a regular care routine to keep your skin healthy-looking, glowing and soft, your body needs the same care and attention. In fact, a healthy body care routine can be even way simpler and less daunting than a facecare one. So here are two simple tips to help you get your body care routine going!

Clean: Start with cleaning your body using either a body wash or a good old fashioned soap bar. When choosing a cleansing soap bar, make sure you select a product with natural ingredients like berries, grapeseed oil or cocoa butter to nourish your body and keep it soft. An excellent moisturising soap bar is JOHNSON'S® Antibacterial Soap Bar which provides powerful protection against germs in addition to its moisturising effect and almond blossom fragrance. Or you can try JOHNSON'S® Vita-Rich Soothing Body Wash which is infused with rose water and glycerine to ensure ultimate hydration and elasticity. Check the different products to find one that suits your needs, be it extra hydration, soothing or brightening.

Moisturise: After cleaning and drying your body, it's time to hydrate and moisturise your skin using a cream or lotion. Some people prefer using creams and others like lotions more. The biggest difference between them is consistency; a body lotion is typically lighter than cream and also less greasy. Yet, body cream's thicker texture provides ultra-hydration by creating a barrier that locks in moisture. Learn more about the difference between them here. You can hydrate your skin neck to toes while your body is still wet and let it absorb the lotion for extra softness. Body lotions and creams are essential to protect your skin against heat, dryness and other harsh external forces. Choose your ideal fit from a range of moisturising creams and lotions by JOHNSON'S®.