Introducing Johnson's Skin Balance & Johnson's Intense Range

Johnson’s Intense Range For Dry Skin

Johnson’s Intense Range is specifically formulated for dry or very dry skin. Its thick texture penetrated ten layers of the skin, delivering intense nourishment, and keeping your skin hydrated and healthy-looking. With a formula that has been clinically tested, the new Johnson's Intense Range helps calm dehydrated skin, easing the tightness and nourishing the skin for 48 hours.

Johnson’s Intense Range includes Face & Body Cream and Body lotion

Benefits of Johnson’s Intense

Benefit from Johnson’s ® Intense Range and experience

  • Results from the very first use
  • Relief from skin tightness
  • Nourishment for 48 hours
  • Enriched with Vitamin E
  • Provides hydrated, balanced, and youthful skin!

Johnson’s Skin Balance For Sensitive Skin

The new Johnson's Skin Balance is a dermatologically developed range for sensitive skin. This range helps to balance your skin's pH, its natural barrier. Did you know that when you skin pH is out of balance it loses moisture much faster and dries excessively? Our clinically proven formula moisturizes your skin intensively to help restore its pH for a balanced, hydrated, and healthy-looking skin. Witness the results from the first use, giving you the key to healthy skin.

Johnson’s Skin Balance Range includes Body Lotion, Face and Body Cream, and Body Sorbet.

Benefits Of Johnson’s Skin Balance

  • Profusely moisturizes your skin,
  • Restores your skin’s pH level, its natural barrier
  • Repairs and soothes skin from the first use