Beauty Tips for Face: 4 Habits for Glowing Skin

We all have moments of dealing with skin problems. Some people, come day or night, have the perfect glow, which naturally sparks our curiosity about what their secret is. Is it good genes? A good dermatologist? Or a secret family potion? We will probably never know; although we do know that people with radiant skin usually have a few common skin care regimens they follow which leads to them having healthy skin.

Here are 4 common habits which people with great looking skin share.

Beauty Tip 1: Cleanse your face day & night
Cleansing your skin is one of the most important beauty habits you can have. A thorough cleansing in the morning will not only make you feel good and refreshed but your makeup looks best on clean skin!

To get the best out of your morning refresher, you need to first make sure you’ve thoroughly removed your makeup the night before, in order to help your skin regenerate, repair and relax during the night. Removing your makeup will help your skin to breathe. Makeup remover wipes are a great 1st step to your evening cleansing routine. And if you only have time for one step, this is it! They are suitable for your whole face, convenient, and very effective!
Beauty Tip 2: Hydrate & rehydrate your face
You need to hydrate for smooth looking skin, both on the inside and outside. It reduces signs of ageing and helps your skin regenerate. For well hydrated, soft and supple skin, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.
Beauty Tip 3: Protect your skin
It is important to use a good SPF lotion before applying your makeup; it helps protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV Rays, keeping your skin young and healthy.
Beauty Tip 4: Pamper yourself
After a long day or week of rushing and being active with no time to spare for long spa treatments, you still deserve that little bit of extra care to revitalise and regain your energy for a new week. Stress has an incredible negative impact on the appearance of your skin, so make sure to book just a little bit of ME TIME, even if it’s just a quick facial, some yoga, or a good read…RELAX, you deserve it! We promise you will be doing yourself, and your loved ones a favour!