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Your body care routine is all about finding the right products that you can use daily without worrying about exposing your skin to harmful chemicals or harsh components. That’s why we at JOHNSON’S® take your skincare needs very seriously by committing to our movement #ThePowerofGentle. Your body wash is something you use every day, and sometimes more than once daily. That’s why it’s time to make a gentler choice for your body and opt for a body wash that is infused with natural ingredients that leave your body hydrated all day. Choose from a wide range of body washes designed to keep your skin clean, moisturised and soft.

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What to look for in a body wash?

Your body wash is a convenient alternative to bar soap and is very easy to use in the shower. When choosing a body wash, you need to look for something natural that has moisturising ingredients like honey, yoghurt, shea butter and almond oil. Other natural ingredients to look for in your body wash to make sure it is non-drying are cocoa butter, glycerin and rose water. These essential components are known for their soothing and hydrating properties which can actively nourish your skin to leave it feeling soft and looking healthy.

Since we wash our body every day and sometimes twice daily, looking for a non-drying gentle body wash is a must. It is also necessary to own a delicate anti-bacterial body wash to eliminate germs and bacteria and avoid seasonal flu or cold. If your skin is generally dry, the best body wash for your will be an oil-in body wash or oil-infused body wash. These are formulated especially for dry skin to guarantee long-lasting moisturisation and 24-hour hydration. They cleanse your body thoroughly without stripping it of natural oil like other harsh body washes or soaps might.

What’s the difference between body wash and shower gel?

Both body washes and shower gels serve the same purpose, they clean your body and leave it feeling refreshed. Although they’re both liquid cleansers, their formulation and consistency may differ. Since shower gels have a firmer consistency than body wash, body wash’s formulation is more moisturising and hydrating. Shower gels, however, can have exfoliating benefits which eliminate dead cells and wash away excess oil. Learn more about the difference between body wash and shower gel in this article.