Johnson's® Facial Wipes Products


Having a long day outside is no excuse to leave your skin tired and drained of moisture, especially if there's a very convenient and simple way to give your skin quick care. JOHNSON'S® designed a range of cleansing and hydrating wipes to keep your skin healthy and protected anywhere and anytime! With the powerful touch of gentle, our wipes can cleanse, moisturize and soften your skin in less than a minute. Adopt wipes into your daily self-care routine and discover the magic of instant moisturization on a long busy day. Choose from the different facial wipes below that cover all skin types and needs.


When do you need to use facial wipes?

Facial wipes are best known for their effectiveness in removing makeup gently and quickly! However, this is not the only way to use wet wipes, there are many situations and scenarios in your everyday life where the need for facial wipes arise! Wet wipes are very easy to carry and are available in different types to suit different skin needs. Here are some ways to use facial wipes every day.

Clean and nourish your skin: Makeup remover wipes do not only visibly clean your face from makeup, but also deeply cleanses your skin. The best wipes will also contain nourishing oils and ingredients that leave your skin nurtured and smooth. Even if you're not wearing makeup, a quick swipe using facial wipes can eliminate dirt and oil residue to allow your skin to breathe and recover without drying it out.

Instant refresh for hot days: Hot summer days on the beach are perfect for your mood, but maybe not your skin. Use cleansing wipes to get rid of sunscreen residue, sweat and to cool down during hot days!

Away from home: When travelling or staying away from home for so long, your skin may get greasy or feel dry. To avoid dull-looking skin, use a face wipe to clean your face and regain its moisture in under one minute.

Remove makeup before going to bed: And of course, you can use wipes to remove even waterproof makeup. It is a very gentle way to clean the sensitive under-eye area.

Wipes for different skin types

JOHNSON'S ® facial wipes are designed to suit different skin types. Depending on your skin type and its unique set of needs, you can pick the best facial wipes for you. If you have oily skin, you will need an oil-balancing wipe to enhance your skin's natural moisture balance and sweep away impurities and oil from your T-zone. As for dry skin, moisturizing and hydrating wipes will be the best option for you, something with natural essential oils. If you have sensitive skin, look for something alcohol-free and fragrance-free to protect your skin. Whatever it is you need, you will find it above!