Johnson's® Facial Wash Products


An ideal facial care routine always starts with a perfectly clean face! After a long day outside, we end up with fatigued skin that needs deep cleansing and moisturisation. To start a perfect face care routine, you need to find the right product that can clean your face and replenish its moisture at the same time. Some facial washes may contain harsh chemical and harmful ingredients that strip your face from moisturisation completely. We at JOHNSON'S® believe in the #PowerofGentle, which helped us design the best facial care products with your skin's needs in mind. Our facial washes contain natural ingredients that help clean your face thoroughly without affecting its original balance. Find your match from the best facial washes for different skin types below!


How and when should I use facial wash?

Washing your face thoroughly after a long and exhausting day is a luxury and a necessity at the same time. It's the first thing you need to do when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed to keep your skin healthy and clean. Start by choosing a gentle cleanser that you can use daily without stripping your skin from its moisture. A good facial wash will help maintain your skin's pH balance. Also, make sure you remove your makeup properly before washing your face to ensure perfectly clean skin. Dry your face by patting a microfiber towel softly onto your face to avoid rough and dry skin. Finally, use a hydrating face wash and follow up with moisturisation to keep your skin smooth and supple.

What to look for in your facial wash?

Your facial wash must include natural ingredients with effective properties that suit your skin's type and needs. In addition to finding the perfect texture and fragrance that indulges your senses, look for a facial wash that contains components from nature like soy, rose water and red berry extracts. Soy extract, for example, is known for its pigmentation effects which can improve your skin's appearance by fighting blemishes, dark marks and spots. And rose water can help maintain the skin's pH balance and control excess oil by aiding in removing oil and dirt from clogged pores. You can also choose from either gel facial cleansers or creamy ones. Gel facial washes transform into a light foam to quench your skin with hydration while eliminating impurities and dirt.