Johnson's® Make-Up Remover Products


JOHNSON'S® designed various skincare solutions and products with your skin's health and well-being in mind. Driven by the #PowerofGentle, we give you the best and most convenient solutions for make-up removal to gently cleanse your skin and protect it. Removing make-up with just water or dry tissues can cause unwanted harm to your skin by drying it out and using too much friction in the make-up removing process. Embrace a gentler routine for removing your make-up with JOHNSON'S® make-up removing wipes, micellar water and soft pure cotton pads. Choose the best make-up remover products from below!


Why you have to remove your make-up?

We all enjoy wearing make-up, be it our simple daily look or a 15-step make-up tutorial for a special night out! Sounds like fun, however, removing it might not be. Getting rid of make-up at the end of an exhausting day seems like a task, and a very necessary one to be fair. Your make-up remover can prevent many uncalled for skin concerns like breakouts, irritation, dry skin and premature ageing. If you cleanse your face properly and remove your make-up using the right product, you will instantly feel fresh with your skin well-moisturized and toned. Even if you only wear a little make-up, using a make-up remover is a must to keep your skin supple and clean.

How to remove make-up gently?

To protect your skin from the extensive damage make-up can cause to your skin during the night, you need to choose a gentle make-up remover that will leave your skin hydrated and soft. When you fall asleep, your skin doesn't. It actually renews itself and gets to breathe without any make-up on it, which helps it combat fatigue signs and fine lines. Also, most make-up products contain oily substances that can clog your pores if left on the skin for too long, leading to acne, blackhead and other skin imperfections. So here are some gentle ways to remove your make-up.

Make-up remover wipes: Wipes are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to eliminate make-up residue after a long day. It will sweep away all impurities and oil to leave your skin thoroughly cleansed. JOHNSON'S® facial wipes are available in various scents, sizes and for different skin types and needs. They will also leave your skin well hydrated and nourished since they have natural ingredients like rose water which has anti-inflammatory properties and helps control excess oil.

Micellar cleansing water: This is a mixture of purified water, hydrating ingredients and mild cleansing surfactants. It attracts excess oil and dirt, which allows it to remove make-up and cleanse your skin in just a few swipes. It's also alcohol-free, which means it's suitable for sensitive skin. Use a soft cotton pad and remove even waterproof make-up with just a gentle touch. Learn more on how to use micellar water here.