Johnson's® Bar Soap Products


The perfect body care routine starts with finding the right products that you can use every day without stressing about exposing your skin to harsh components or harmful chemicals. We at JOHNSON’S® understand that and take your skincare needs so seriously by committing to our promise to choose #ThePowerofGentle. Your bar soap is an integral part of your day, you usually use it to wash your hands numerous times throughout your day. You can also use your bath soap in the shower to cleanse your body. That’s why you have to make a gentler choice for your hands and body by picking a bar soap that is infused with natural ingredients that can moisturise your hands and leave your body hydrated all day long. Choose from a wide range of bar soap designed to keep your skin and hands moisturised, clean and soft.


What to look for in a bar soap?

Bar soaps are a convenient way to wash your hands throughout the day and also lather up your body in the shower. When choosing a cleansing soap, you need to look for a natural bar soap that has moisturising ingredients like honey, yoghurt, coconut and almond blossom. Other natural ingredients to look for in your soap to avoid dry hands or skin are cocoa butter and glycerin. These natural components will help soothe your skin and hydrate it at the same time.

Because we wash our hands countless times daily and shower at least once using a bath soap, looking for a non-drying and gentle soap is an important step. Ideally, you should use a delicate anti-bacterial soap when washing your hands to eliminate germs and bacteria while also protecting your hands and keeping it soft. Also, make sure to check the pH level before choosing a soap, if it’s 9 or higher, then it can strip your skin from essential proteins and lipids, leaving it rough and dry.

Choose from JOHNSON’S® anti-bacterial soaps, including the sea salt soap and almond blossom soap. If you have dry skin, choose from our Vita-Rich Smoothies range which cleanses your hands and body thoroughly and also comforts dry skin.

What are the benefits of using bar soaps?

Many people still prefer using bar soaps over liquid hand washes for their ability to lather up quickly, allowing you to spread it over your body evenly to get rid of dirt and oil. While many bar soaps tend to have stronger ingredients that can dry the skin, JOHNSON’S® bar soaps are designed specifically to clean your hands and body effectively without stripping them from moisture. A good soap bar will leave your skin thoroughly cleansed, soft, nourished and moisturised! Learn more about the benefits of using bar soaps here.