The struggle is real, we want to make sure our skin is protected from germs yet antibacterial products usually leaves our skin dry. Johnson’s antibacterial range combines powerful MAX-PROTECT germ removal technology with moisturizer from 100% natural origin and a caring fresh scent fragrance .The New Johnson’s Antibacterial range offers you the best of both worlds where your skin is germ free yet moisturized.The multi tasking formula:

  1. Washes away germs and dirt
  2. Keeps skin soft, smooth and healthy looking
  3. Leaves skin fresh and scented

Anti-bacteria comes to you in the essence of sea salt and almond blossom. And now, with new micellar technology in the essence of Mint and Lemon. The collection ranges in hand wash and body wash which is formulated to give you the germ free result along with infusing your skin with moisture

99.9% germ removal, now with micellar technology. Lifts germs out. Locks Moisture in