Skin care for Travellers

Skincare for your travel needs

Whether you are travelling for business or taking a leisure trip to your dream destination, you want to look your best during your travels and holidays without a lot of effort. Travelling can take its toll on your skin with climate changes, sunburn or even restless schedules.

Don’t leave your skincare routine back home, instead follow these easy tips for healthy skin to stay fabulously fresh wherever you are.

Stay hydrated for hydrated skin

Drinking water, avoiding fatty and spicy foods and applying a heavy moisturiser are the best solutions for dry skin. Keeping a hydrating mist with you and spraying it on your skin repeatedly will go a long way. Moisturising your skin heavily, a night before travel is also very helpful.

Sooth puffy eyes

It is common to become puffy eyed during long and tiring travels. Reach out for something cold like cooled tea bags or cold cucumber to place on your eyes. It will soothe your eyes and reduce swelling.

Pack multipurpose products

Choose your travel beauty products wisely. Instead of foundation get a BB cream which will work as a moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation. Pack makeup remover wipes which are quick and easy to use. 

Take off your makeup every time

It is a good idea to travel without wearing makeup when possible, keep some makeup remover wipes in your handbag to keep your skin refreshingly clean throughout your travel. Makeup removing wipes are handy to cleanse your skin when you don’t have access to water or too lazy to wash your face.

With these travel tips for healthy skin, there is no need to compromise on your skincare routine. Flaunt your healthy skin everywhere you go and feel great during your travels.