Get the Glow: Skin Care for Expecting and New Mums

Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have in life. Due to the exhaustion of being pregnant or having a new baby in your life, taking time out for yourself is a challenge. The exhaustion and hormonal changes coupled with the change of skin conditions can play havoc on your overall looks. 

You might have an exaggerated list of do’s and don’ts, recommended from relatives, friends and social media. Picking a skincare product or adapting your routine according to your new situation can be challenging.

Don’t worry, there are still many ways to take care of yourself and keep your beautiful looks intact during pregnancy and new motherhood.

How to Take Care of your Skin when Pregnant?

1. Do your research

Make a list of ingredients to avoid during pregnancy and feeding and choose your skincare products according to that list. Luckily several skincare brands have recognized the need and manufactured safe products for pregnant and expectant moms, double-check those special products ingredients too. The best you can do is ask your physician about the best skincare products for you and your baby.

2. Cleanse Gently 

Washing your skin is an important daily routine. Put more thought into it and use gentle cleansers for your extra sensitive skin during your pregnancy and into motherhood. Harsh cleansers not only rip away essential oils but can also cause rashes on your skin. Use gentle makeup remover wipes, to avoid clogged pores and chemical reactions.

3. Exfoliate 

Since most exfoliators or scrubs have hydroxy acids in them, which are not safe for pregnancy, try to avoid chemical exfoliators and use scrubbers like soft brushes or washcloths to remove dead skin which you may experience more during pregnancy. You can also make your own exfoliators by mixing brown sugar, honey and milk.

4. Moisturise 

We have all heard about that ‘pregnancy glow’ but might not have experienced it yet. One of the major keys to getting that glow is moisturising. A good moisturiser will not only keep your skin moist but also will help avoid stretch marks. Don’t forget to use a good moisturising lotion all over your body to avoid itchy and dry skin.

With a little caution, you can enjoy this exciting new time in your life with glowing healthy skin.