4 Skincare Products You Should Have in Your Bag!

While your favourite beauty care products combat the harmful effects of the sun, you can only apply them before you start your day, and when you end it. But what about those in-between skin emergencies? Fret not. With this handy guide of what to carry in your bag, you can be sure to have a fresh, clean and healthy look all day.

Absorbent Cotton Pads

A quick dab with absorbent cotton pads on your face will soak in the excess oil, leaving you feeling fresher. JOHNSON'S® cotton pads are easy to use, and don’t leave cotton fibres on your skin – 100% cotton!

Hydrating facial cleansing wipes

A long, stressful day at work can leave you feeling tired, and it can sometimes show. We all like to refresh our make-up, but the key to fresh-looking retouches is actually first removing the old layer! A hydrating facial cleansing wipes can do the job quickly and efficiently while retaining the moisture and glow on your skin.

Lip products

Between all the talking, smiling, and eating, your lip liner, lipstick, and gloss are all bound to fade. Keep a long-lasting product handy for re-applying. Refreshing your lipstick, helps refresh your overall look!

Moisturising hand cream

Little do we realize the damage that our daily activities are doing to our hands. A gentle hand cream that leaves your hands feeling soft, even after washing, can help combat dryness and rough skin. Try our 24-hour hand cream for whenever you feel the need for a quick boost - it is small enough to fit in your purse and we guarantee it will be one of your new favourites!