The Gentle Power of Rose Water: Rose Water Benefits

For thousands of years, people have been using rose water in their foods, drinks and even on their skin. Rose water has been present since Cleopatra, who was rumoured to use it in her daily skin care routine. Of course, we all want to follow the steps of a Queen’s skin care regime! Worry not, the benefits of rose water for skin are not just a tradition or a fable, they are for real.

You can nourish your body with the revitalizing benefits of rose water by using JOHNSON’S® Vita-Rich Body Cream, which is infused with skin-loving rose water and emollients. This creamy formula actively hydrates and helps to soothe dry skin, leaving it feeling intensely nourished and looking healthy. JOHNSON’S® Vita-Rich Body Cream is non-greasy and provides 24-hour moisture for all-day softness. You can also treat your skin and stay hydrated by using Johnson’s Fresh Hydration Water® Gel Cleanser.

If Cleopatra benefited from using rose water, how great can rose water really be for the skin?

Calms Your Skin

Rose water is anti-inflammatory. Inflamed skin is red skin often caused by sunburns or other skin infections, and rose water helps cool your skin. Rose water contains both vitamin C and vitamin A, which helps settle such issues effectively. Some studies have even suggested the effectiveness of rose water with certain skin complications such as oedema; so, patients with skin infections can benefit from rose water too.

Calms Your Mood

Because of its fresh scent, rose water can make you feel calmer and energized. The soft smell of petals is soothing as well as comforting, giving you just the right mix of aura and feeling.

Hydrates the Skin

In a fast-paced society like today’s, we can become distracted and forget to care for our skin. However, something as simple as having a rosewater-based cleanser can counter that. It’s important to keep your skin hydrated to avoid premature ageing and dry skin, so by using rose water-based skin care products, you can hydrate your skin and give it the nourishment it needs!

Rose water benefits don’t just end there! Add some rose water in your bath; you don’t have to be ancient Egyptian royalty to have a luxurious night!

Treats Infections

Rose water is an antiseptic, meaning that is can help treat harmful skin infections too. Often included in natural treatments, it’s no surprise that even its smell can soothe us instantly. The antioxidants in rose water can strengthen and tighten your skin! Add rose water to your daily skin routine today and feel like a queen!

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