Why should you use rose water?

You would be hard pressed to find someone who does not like the sweet fragrance of roses. Which is why rose water has found its way into our lives in many ways, from food to cosmetics. Rose water has been used in the beauty regimes of women since ancient times, and for good reason. With hydrating and soothing abilities, in addition to having natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial powers, it’s the ultimate beauty powerhouse. And because it is suitable for all skin types, it is a popular addition to beauty and bath product formulations.

Benefits of Rose Water:

  • It helps hydrate, revitalise and moisturise the skin

  • Applying rose water to the skin helps maintain pH balance, and also controls excess oil

  • Rose water is a great cleanser, removing the dirt clogging up the pores

  • Toning is one part of a skincare regime that is more or less neglected. Applying rose water as a toner prepares your skin to receive optimal hydration and nutrition from the creams you apply after

  • Rose water helps reduce puffiness, especially under the eyes

  • Rose water helps keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay

  • Its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the redness of irritated skin. It can also aid in treating acne, dermatitis and eczema

  • Rose water has antibacterial properties, which help heal scars, cuts, and wounds

  • Regular application leads to the strengthening of skin cells and tissues, thanks to its antioxidant properties

  • You can use rose water in your hair as well, as it helps treat mild scalp inflammations and dandruff

  • The pleasant fragrance of rose water instantly lifts your mood and helps keep it that way

How to use rose water?

In order to enjoy the full benefits of this amazing ingredient, make sure you are using pure rose water, or the formulation of your cream or face wash has the same.

  • You can spray rose water on your face directly for a quick refresh. It cleans the skin and the fragrance will enhance your mood

  • Rose water can be sprayed over make-up to set it, or before make-up to protect the skin

  • Rose water in hair care products is a winning ingredient, as it not only lends a light, fresh scent but also keeps your scalp hydrated and hair healthy

  • We’ve said it before – rose water is an ideal face cleanser. You can apply rose water after washing your face, or make sure it is a core ingredient in your face wash

  • Soaking a cotton pad in chilled rose water and placing it under your eyes will not only reduce puffiness but also get rid of redness and signs of fatigue

  • When using rose water for the hair, use it as a final rinse after shampooing, so the goodness stays locked in. Plus, this will also help condition your hair, and leave it shiny

  • Add rose water into your skin care regime as a facial toner

  • Put in a little rose water to any homemade masks you might be using. Rose water is fairly versatile and can add an extra element of goodness to your mask

  • Keep a small spray bottle of rose water handy in your purse. You can enjoy a quick spritz during the day for a pick-me-up, or freshen your make-up for a glow that will last long

  • If you find your skin irritated from razor burns or from the sun, just dab some rose water as that will help soothe the irritation and get rid of the redness

  • The soft and beautiful fragrance of rose water is ideal for a relaxing bath. Just add a few drops to your bath water, to choose bath products that have rose water as an ingredient, and see the benefits for yourself