5 Things That Can Harm Your Skin

Have you ever felt envious of other girls with glowing and healthy skin? Beautiful and radiant skin is a desire every woman has. The difference between having and desiring it, is a good skin care routine and healthy habits. Our experts have listed down five day-to-day things which can destroy your skin.


1. Drinking coffee

Caffeine dehydrates yours skin which can cause fine lines and wrinkles. If you want healthier skin, try cutting coffee and opt for a hydrating beverage instead.

2. Sleeping with your makeup on

We have all gone to bed without removing our makeup first at some point in our lives. Going to sleep without removing your makeup can lead to breakouts, blackheads and other skin infections. Make it a habit to remove your makeup with makeup remover wipes as soon as you think of going to bed, so you don’t become lazy about doing it later.

3. Skipping meals
Skipping meals can cause your skin to age and dry out quicker because your body is not getting enough nutrients. Make it a habit to eat healthy nutritional food regularly and snack throughout the day.

4. Hot showers
We all love a hot shower after a busy day, but it can do us more harm than good. Hot water can damage the outermost layer of your skin, leaving it dry and flaky. Instead use lukewarm water and thereafter use a nourishing body lotion for dry skin to restore your skin’s moisture after showering.

5. Using too many beauty products
Are you one of those ladies who test things directly on their skin without consulting an expert? Trying too many products on your skin can be harmful. To avoid this, test the product on a small patch of your skin and opt for the gentle yet effective skin care products.