Cleansing Face Wipes: A Guide to choosing the Best

Face cleansing wipes have been the go-to solution for a long time now for a variety of reasons. They are quick, efficient, and can benefit the skin beyond just cleaning it in a swipe. Wipes for your face are easy to carry, versatile, and can be used for a lot more than just removing make-up and cleaning your skin.

For an effective clean-up, start wiping from your forehead and move down to the jawline. This avoids redistribution of oil and bacteria around your face. Finish wiping at your nose, as this is the grimiest part of your face, and then discard the face wipe.

What cleansing face wipes do I use?

With the sheer number of beauty wipes available today, choosing the best wipe for your face is easy. You can pick one according to your skin type, or according to what you are using it for.

  1. Oily skin – A natural cleansing wipe will work best, as oily skin retains a lot of impurities and make-up residue. Wipe gently, but firmly, and keep it handy for easy use.
  2. Dry skin – A moisturising wipe will leave your skin soft and supple. A gentle swipe will not only get rid of dirt, but also infuse the skin with essential oils.
  3. Normal skin – Using wipes that are formulated for a specific purpose, like moisturising, or make-up removal, will benefit your skin without harming it.
  4. Sensitive skin – Soft and gentle wipes ensure the skin is not exposed to elements that could irritate it.

Types of cleansing wipes for your face

  • Cleansing – A quick swipe any time of the day gets rids of all the dirt and grime your skin has been exposed to.
  • Acne – Cleansing wipes for acne-prone skin help soothe the skin and prevent build-up of bacteria that cause acne.
  • Fragrant – The ideal post-workout wipe, these beauty wipes help clean away the sweat and foul odour efficiently, till you can get to a proper shower.
  • Moisturising – A supplement to your moisturising routine, these come with a soothing and hydrating formula that ensures your skin does not dry out.
  • Cooling – Refresh your skin with a quick swipe of a cooling wipe that cleans way the dirt and allows your pores to breathe.
  • Make-up remover – That delicate under-eye area and lips benefit most from a wipe specially formulated to be gentle, yet firm, in removing residual make-up, while leaving the skin soft. Hypoallergenic make-up remover wipes are also helpful if you have sensitive skin.

Johnson’s face wipes are available for all skin types, and you can easily find the best wipes for your face from the diverse range.