6 Steps to Remove Makeup Without Damaging Your Skin

Even if taking off your makeup isn't the most pleasurable aspect of your skincare routine, especially when you're exhausted, and it's late, it's crucial that you still do it correctly. The worst things you can do to your skin regarding aging, acne, and general skin health are to cut corners or, even worse, not to remove your makeup.

Below are 6 steps you must consider while removing your makeup without damaging your skin:

1 - Double-cleanse

A tiny scoop of the cleansing cream or facewash should be placed in clean, dry hands to begin. Warm the palm between your fingers before applying it to your face, paying special attention to the area around your eyes. Rinse the milky substance off with warm water once the makeup disintegrates.

Even though you just removed your makeup, your skin could be cleaner. Don't stop there, though! Return for a second cleansing with your go-to cleanser after rinsing everything off. This procedure guarantees that any remaining makeup is taken off and that the skin is free of oil, grime, and other pollutants that could block pores.

We highly recommend a gentle yet effective face cleanser such as JOHNSON'S® Fresh Hydration® Water Gel Cleanser with Rose Water to wash your face effectively.

After that, blot your face dry with a washcloth and continue with your post-cleansing skincare routine.

2 - Your eyes require some extra love

The most challenging makeup to remove is mascara and eyeliner, but you shouldn't scrub because the area around your eyes is delicate. Use a cotton pad such as JOHNSON'S® Pure Cotton Make-up Pads and an eye-specific remover with either an oil-based (for waterproof cosmetics) or dual-phase (for everything else) remover to avoid leaving fibers behind. Before wiping, close your eyes and keep them there for around 10 seconds to give the remover time to work its magic.

Also, use a waterproof eye makeup remover instead of using cleaning oil when wearing waterproof mascara. Use a pad dipped in remover, gently press down on the lashes for a few seconds to let the solution soak in, and then glide the pad slowly across the eyes. If not, you'll have to rub so abrasively that your lashes will break trying to remove the color.

Pay attention though eye makeup removers aren't simply a marketing gimmick; their compositions are often far more potent than your face makeup remover. In fact, eye makeup removers must be that way in order to remove waterproof mascara and long-lasting liquid eyeliners. While this helps you get rid of extremely difficult-to-remove waterproof mascara, if you use it on the rest of your skin, it might clog pores and cause breakouts.

To remove waterproof mascara & stubborn makeup elements, we highly recommend JOHNSON’S® FRESH HYDRATION® Micellar Rose-infused Cleansing Water. Through its magnet-like formula, The micellar formula and technology instantly capture dirt, impurities, and makeup, even stubborn waterproof mascara, while preserving skin’s moisture.

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3 - Take it easy on your skin

The skin on your face is significantly more fragile than your body's. This means that while using an exfoliating loofah to scrub your body is acceptable, employing the same pressure on your face is not. We recommend using Johnsons's gentle makeup-removing wipes by which you should gently wipe away makeup in a circular motion, then pat dry with a soft cotton towel. When removing eye makeup, use sweeping strokes and lift your finger before wiping again rather than rubbing back and forth, which could irritate the eye.

4 - Don’t forget those extra spots

Many people apply makeup on their neck, jawline, and even hairline in the morning, but when it comes time to remove it, they forget to do so. But these locations are crucial, mainly since the neck is a region that is particularly prone to premature aging symptoms.

5 - Benefit from Steam Heat

Before washing, you can also steam your face. Hover your face over a bowl or sink filled with hot water for a few minutes. Your pores will open up as a result of the steam, and it will be simpler to deep-clean your skin with the help of the cleaner. Although it could take more time, this is still a viable alternative from time to time. Even a drop of lavender essential oil can be used for further calming effects.

6 - Remove any of the extra oil

Nobody enjoys having raccoon eyes when they awaken. After removing your eye makeup, give your face a final once-over with a dry cotton pad to ensure that all remaining makeup and extra makeup remover are eliminated. This last step will lessen the appearance of mascara circles in the morning and enhance how you apply makeup the following day.

After carefully removing your makeup and thoroughly cleansing your skin, use a gentle moisturizer such as Johnsons's Skin Balance or Intense Range.

Do not forget to apply your sunscreen and day serums, and trust that all your efforts from the previous evening have paid off. You'll have spotless skin and be prepared to face the day when you awaken in the morning.