Make-up Remover 101: How to find the perfect make-up remover for your skin type

With your lashes strong and dark, your cheeks blushed, and lips perfectly drawn and shining, among make-up magic tricks you have up your sleeves, wearing make-up will give you that little boost of confidence you are looking for to get you through the day.

However, after that long day of flaunting your make-up comes to the daunting task of removing it! And, sometimes, though we hate to admit, we are too exhausted to remove our make-up and its residues properly. Moreover, what worries us most is the impact of make-up remover on our skin. If you face these struggles, it is highly likely that you still did not find the perfect make-up remover for your skin type.

Just like it always is with face products, your first step is to identify your skin type. Once you have that covered, you can later decide whether you are looking for a make-up remover for dry skin, make-up remover for oily skin, or make-up remover for combination skin.

Johnson’s make-up removal products for all skin types include:

1 - JOHNSON’S® Fresh Hydration® Cleansers

JOHNSON’S® Fresh Hydration® Micellar Cleansing Jelly with its micellar formula and advanced technology that captures dirt, make-up, and impurities in an instant. The micellar molecules bind dirt and make-up particles like a magnet. Rest assured, your skin will remain refreshed, moisturized, and hydrated through it all.

If you are looking for the perfect cotton pad to use with our cleansing Jelly JOHNSON'S® Pure Cotton Make-up Pads are made out of 100% cotton and are highly absorbent and easy to use. They maintain their shape as you clean your face and do not leave cotton fibers on your skin. Their package is reusable and hygienic, too!

2 - JOHNSON'S® Wipes

When it comes to make-up and face cleansing wipes, JOHNSON'S® Facial Wipes has a varied collection. Choose from a wide variety of wipes, including cleansing wipes for every (yes, every!) skin type. Make-up is effectively and gently swept away, leaving your skin clean, soft, and make-up free.

3 - Use Micellar Water-based Products

Micellar water is made of purified water, moisturizers, and mild surfactants. Surfactants are used to pull dirt and oil, including make-up, from the skin. Micellar water promotes skin hydration and reduces inflammation while keeping your skin soft and toned! It is also free of alcohol.

JOHNSON’S® FRESH HYDRATION® MICELLAR ROSE-INFUSED CLEANSING WATER should be on your list of make-up remover products to purchase; don’t forget to couple it with JOHNSON'S® Pure Cotton Make-up Pads.

Your make-up removal task will become less daunting with the go-to-product range of JOHNSON'S® Makeup Removers. Remember though, there are a few things you need to keep in mind as you remove your make-up:

  1. Do not rub to remove make-up: Rubbing harms your skin; avoid irritating your skin by rubbing your make-up off. Make-up removal should be a gentle procedure.
  2. Do not sleep in your make-up: Sometimes, we tend to postpone our make-up removal to the morning. Avoid doing so as make-up may clog your pores. Keeping make-up on can also lead to irritation

How to Remove your Make-up

The make-up removal process becomes easier if you follow the below steps using Johnson’s® 100% cotton make-up pads.

  • Step 1 - Start with your lips. You do not want your lipstick to smudge your face. That is why it is important that you remove your lipstick first.
  • Step 2 - Move to your eyes and be very gentle about it because the skin surrounding the eyes is thin. Do not rub your make-up off.
  • Step 3 - Remove the base/foundation.
  • Step 4 - Wash your face with the JOHNSON’S® Fresh Hydration® Cleansers.
  • Step 5- Pat dry.

Feel refreshed and hydrated at all times with JOHNSON'S® products. Wear more make-up and worry less about that stubborn mascara and lipstick you put on this morning.