Body Wash 101 - Everything You Need to Know about Body Wash

Indulging in the sensation of freshness and hydration is priceless yet very much attainable with a body wash that moisturizes your skin, rejuvenates it and gives it a refreshing, long-lasting smell. Body washes can fight bacteria, leaving you healthy and protected!

The body wash is a liquid-based cleansing product. In the following sections, we will provide you with everything you need to know about body wash!

How is Body Wash Different from Bar Soap?

The primary function of all mild soaps is to remove dirt from the top layer of your skin. The components and mechanisms used to remove dirt differ.

Bar soap cleans your skin's surface by emulsifying the dirt there. Your body's natural oils and sweat can mingle, settling on your skin and fostering the growth of bacteria. Bar soaps separate this greasy layer and remove microorganisms from your skin.

Body wash removes debris from your skin using the same washing action, but it frequently includes a combination of substances designed to help cure common skin conditions. A body wash can help flaking skin, blocked pores, and dryness. The components in body wash are typically intended to replenish skin moisture that may have been lost during the cleansing process.

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When to Use Body Wash?

You are most definitely advised to use body wash any time and any day! Be particular in using body wash when you have dry skin, have a chronic skin condition, or need to exfoliate your skin.

  • If you frequently observe that your skin feels dry, peeled, or flaky after a shower, it's preferable to use body wash. Moisturizing chemicals in body wash are designed to hydrate your skin, locking in moisture.
  • You might want to discuss the shower cleanser you use with a dermatologist if you suffer from a persistent skin problem like rosacea, psoriasis, or acne. Most likely, you are bound to find a body wash just for you.
  • Natural or synthetic exfoliates are frequently found in cleansing agents. They are commonly ground down or finely milled in a body wash.

What Ingredients to Look for in a Body Wash?

A plant-based cleanser called glycerine can help your skin retain moisture without removing its natural oils.

Dead skin cells can be naturally removed with natural exfoliates, such as pulverized apricot pits, oats, or finely ground black walnut shells.

Oils that moisturize the skin, like sweet almond oil, also soften the skin. Try the Johnson's Anti-Bacterial Body Wash: Almond Blossom to experience the latest germ-removal technology with 100% guaranteed moisture and hydration.

Aside from these ingredients, one essential function you need to look for in body wash is the micellar technology!

What is Micellar Technology?

Dermatologists worldwide regard micellar technology as one of the most gentle, efficient ways to clean skin of all tones and types.

This "soft water," when mixed into products, such as Johnson's Anti-bacterial Micellar Body Wash Mint or Johnson's Anti-bacterial Micellar Lemon Body Wash, acts more like a magnet for pollutants than a conventional moisture-stripping soap and protects the natural barrier of your skin.

Micellar products, also known as micellar water, are a common variation of what is referred to as "soft water," and they contain minute oil capsules contained in the water. Micellar water can clean the face, while micellar oil can remove excess sebum. The water can also hydrate the skin while the oil can condition it. Additionally, micellar products operate like a magnet attracting pollutants and impurities without ever being harsh on the skin, instead of stripping the skin of its complete protective layer. It provides all the advantages of surface cleaning without causing any skin disturbance.

On a final note, remember to invest in an antibacterial body wash. Antibacterial body wash effectively removes dirt, excess oil, make-up, odor, and sweat from your skin while also destroying germs. For hours after showering, many antibacterial body washes, such as Johnson's Antibacterial Body Wash: Sea Salt, keep your skin protected from infection and disease. Your health is a priority with JOHNSON’s