5 Transformative Benefits of Yogurt for Skin

We use yogurt with cornflakes and muesli, alongside fresh-cut fruits during breakfast and even as the main ingredient in some salads. Sometimes, we hear about the benefits of applying certain foods onto our skin, but are the benefits of yogurt really true, or just another passing tale?

Yogurt contains lactic acid, which aids in the healing process of our skin from harsh ingredients. Yogurt can make your skin feel fresh, new and rid your face of impurities! But before trying it out, make sure you test out the yogurt on your skin first! Apply yogurt to a very small area on your face and wait for 15 minutes. If all is good, you can proceed and try out one of our DIY face care remedies!

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5 Benefits of Yogurt for your Skin!

  1. Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles

    When you use yogurt as a face mask, it works on tightening and removing dead skin – and removes the appearance of dark circles with consistent use!

    To use yogurt as a scrub, you can mix 2 tablespoons of yogurt with a tablespoon of oats. Afterwards, you can simply spread it all over your face and neck, giving your skin a much-needed massage in circular motions. Leave the yogurt mask on for 15 minutes, and then rinse off!

  2. Battles Acne

    Much like the way you would apply toothpaste on a pimple and wait for it to pop, you can apply some yogurt to a pimple and wait for 15 minutes. After which, you can rinse off the yogurt with warm water (never hot water). Do this regularly, around 3 times a week, in order to see a noticeable difference.

  3. Makes your Skin Glow – with Lemon

    Acne might lead to scarring, and yogurt can help reduce the appearance of these blemishes. When you use yogurt as a face mask, you help reduce blemishes and your skin glows soon after! Just mix yogurt with lemon juice and apply on blemishes or affected areas. After 15 minutes from the application, rinse off with warm water, and watch your face radiate! The addition of lemon juice also helps to exfoliate your skin.

  4. Yogurt Saves your Feet

    Sometimes, we just don’t have time to go to a spa and treat ourselves with a pedicure. But now, you can moisturize and soften your cracked heels with an ingredient sitting in your fridge. All you have to do is apply some yogurt to your heels, wait for just 10 minutes, and rinse off! The benefits of yogurt for skin are fascinating that way; yogurt can work as a moisturizer, scrub, face wash and so much more!

  5. Hydrates the Rest of Your Skin

    The lactic acid in yogurt acts as a hydrating agent, which helps battle cracks and dryness! Keep your skin hydrated and feed it what it needs!