Summer Skincare Tips

We love the summer, but it definitely ‘shines some light’ on some of our least favourite skin issues. We hope you’ll find some of these hacks helpful to get you through the heat!

Sunburnt skin

A desire for a tan may leave you with a bit of a burn. Rubbing plain yoghurt on your skin for 10 minutes will help restore your skin's natural barrier, and alleviate some of that sunburn pain, especially if followed with Aloe Vera. But remember, sunscreen is your summertime best friend to avoid this whole issue!

Oily Skin

You’ll love this one! If you find yourself feeling extra oily, don’t stress. Rub a piece of ice on your face to deter the oil glands.


Blackheads are the bane of our existence. Get rid of these dark spots by cutting a lemon in half, sprinkling the insides with sugar to create your own home-made facial scrub. Scrub gently because sugar can sometimes be really rough.

Unclear skin

Toning may be part of your daily skincare regime, but sometimes you need a little extra. For a more natural remedy, mix 1-part apple cider vinegar with 4 parts water, and dab on your face with a cotton pad. Make sure to use your favourite facial wash and moisturiser afterwards, because you don’t want to stay smelling like vinegar! Don’t try this if you think you have sensitive skin. Though apple cider vinegar has a lot of benefits, it’s quite strong.

Dehydrated Lips

Rub some honey, which is rich in vitamins and minerals, over your lips for instant hydration. Don’t forget to lick it off before walking out the door. Yum!

Dull Skin

Minimise the damage caused by pollution on your skin by investing in facial wipes for regular refreshment. Keeping them handy in your bag can give your face a quick refresh before some make-up touch-ups.