Skin Care In The Middle East: Protect Yourself In Different Seasons!

Holidays are a happy time - packing your bags and jetting off to the ski slopes, or basking under the warm sun on a beach somewhere. You don’t want anything to spoil your mood, least of all dealing with skin issues. Follow our easy skincare techniques to keep your skin fresh and beautiful, no matter where you are.

Skincare in the Middle East during Summer

The warm summer sun allows for more outdoor activities, but this also means exposing your skin to harmful elements.

  1. Wear sunscreen every day

    Check the weather and pick an SPF accordingly. Better yet, get a high SPF regardless, and be on the safe side!

  2. Keep Cleansing simple

    Give your skin a break from harsh products. A soothing body wash and a refreshing facial wash will effectively get rid of impurities, but still let your skin breathe!

  3. Accessorize

    A nice ‘chapeau’ for the outdoors to give you shade perhaps?

  4. Portable facial

    If you are going to spend time in the water, whether in the pool or at the beach, make sure you pack some hydrating and refreshing facial wipes. They will give you a cleanse and extra moisture all at once!

  5. Keep it fresh

    Summers bring yummy fruits with them, take advantage and get your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients!


Skincare in the Middle East during Winter

Supple skin that’s soft to the touch is everyone’s dream. But going from the temperate Middle Eastern climate to a cold winter destination is not easy on your skin. You need to give it some extra care to make sure you retain the glow on your cheeks.

  1. Moisturise daily

    Use a moisturizing body wash and follow it up with a revitalizing body cream to keep your skin hydrated. Layering on products that seal in the moisture, and replenish lost nutrition from your skin, will help keep your skin soft and keep it from getting flaky.

  2. Don’t neglect your face

    Your facial skin will be craving the additional moisture. Switch to a slightly thicker moisturizer to protect your complexion.

  3. More moisture, on the go!

    Hand creams are pocket-sized wonders that offer superb protection for those chilly winter days. Carry one with you at all times, and rub on to avoid that dry, tight feeling.

  4. Don’t forget the feet

    Use foot cream at night to tackle hard or cracked heels, and keep your soles soft and pink. Putting socks on after you moisturize helps lock all the goodness in!


Enjoy the holidays!