The Brightening Benefits of Soybeans

Soybeans are a breakfast special for many cultures and families. Though it can be a heavy meal, eating soybeans is very healthy and nutritious for its high-protein content! Besides eating them, did you know that the benefits of soya beans show on our skin too? Soya bean benefits include brightening your skin, reducing redness from sun exposure and boosting the production of collagen!

Johnson's offers several products with soy extracts to enhance your skin’s radiance, brightness and smoothness. JOHNSON'S® Even Complexion Day Cream contains SPF15, skin loving soy and red berry extracts, which help to enhance skin radiance, smoothness and brightness. For best results, use this every day in the morning. Along with your day cream, Johnson's proposes using the JOHNSON'S® Even Complexion Night Cream that contains soy extracts, is well known for its depigmentation effects and helps improve the appearance of skin blemishes, spots and dark marks.

We’ve gathered four benefits of Soybean Products for your Skin:

  • Controls Ageing: When soy is added to skin care products, it can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, tighten the skin and reverse effects of sun damage. According to Mayo Clinic, soy contains a type of isoflavone called aglycones, which may help reduce symptoms of ageing skin such as wrinkles and fine lines.

    Soybean also ‘pumps’ the hormone oestrogen in the body, which is responsible for keeping our skin elastic. Therefore, soybeans can help maintain the elasticity of our skin, keeping ageing symptoms at bay! Another soya benefit is that it can keep our skin firmer by promoting the production of collagen in our body.

  • Reduces Sun Damage on Skin: Creams that contain soybeans can help reduce the signs of sun damage on your skin – from rough skin to fine lines. By also reducing redness, soybeans can be our protectors from the heat!
  • Moisturizes Your Skin: A daily activity we must all indulge in is moisturizing! It helps us maintain skin elasticity and fight against excessive sun rays. Using creams and moisturizers that contain soybean can help add the needed hydration for your skin!

    Addedly, soybeans improve certain skin conditions because it contains Vitamin E, which aids in the production of new skin cells.

  • Strengthens Your Nails: Generally, after a mani-pedi, your nails will feel beautiful. Yet, our nails can feel brittle and weak when we don’t care enough for them, or when our diet lacks protein. The minerals and proteins present in soybeans can help keep fungal infections at bay as well as strengthen your nails! You can just apply a soybean cream on your nails and overtime, watch them get stronger!

Fun Fact

Henry Ford was known for starting an automobile factory – producing many of the first cars in the world. One day, he visited his research facility and told the scientists that he wanted to add soybeans in the production process of automobiles. The scientists used soybeans to make plastic strong enough for plastic car parts. To ensure that the material was strong after production, Ford swung an axe to his own car made of the same material!

Who knew soybeans benefit more than just health and skin? They helped with cars too!