4 Step To Remove Makeup Using Wipes For Healthy Skin

Never skip your makeup removal and cleansing ritual, particularly at night. Failure to remove makeup congests your pores, leading to dark circles, puffiness around your eyes, breakouts, pimples, and all around dullness. Cleansing properly is like giving your face a breath of fresh air – we all need it!

With many years’ of experience in skincare, JOHNSON'S® products are dermatologically tested and safe for even the most sensitive areas, like around the eyes. In fact, JOHNSON’S® make-up remover facial wipes are the #1 makeup removal brand in the Middle East!

Here’s our routine for effective removal of makeup and the day’s impurities:

Step 1: Gently Wipe Your Makeup Off

Gently wipe away your eyeliner, eye shadows, mascara, and foundation with JOHNSON'S® Facial makeup remover wipes. Don’t rub your lashes, gently swipe them repeatedly until you’re able to remove all traces of eyeliner and mascara - these wipes even remove waterproof mascara! You can stop after this step, but when you have time – keep going!

Step 2: Wash The Leftover Makeup Or Gently Exfoliate

Splash your face with lukewarm water, or for an extra clean feeling, use a JOHNSON'S® face wash to suit your skin type. You can even try our Gentle Exfoliating wash to make sure you’ve unclogged your pores. Pat dry, don’t rub!

Step 3: Tone Your Skin

This step is extra, you could just skip to step 4. But for those extra indulgent days, or when you wore particularly heavy makeup, pick your favourite toner and use JOHNSON'S® 100% cotton pads to swipe it on, focusing on your T-zone area. The cotton pads are friendly on your face and don’t leave any annoying cotton fibres on your skin.

Step 4: Moisturize Your Skin

This is the cherry on top! Use your favourite facial moisturiser to rehydrate and nourish your skin. JOHNSON'S® Soft Cream is a great basic moisturizer with a light fragrance suitable for your face.