How do antibacterial products work?

Antibacterial Products: Hygienic Technology

They first appeared in the early '70s, but their popularity really took off when the fear of pandemic influenza A (H1N1) surfaced in 2009. They effectively wash away bacteria, germs and dirt, but how do antibacterial products do that?

People use antibacterial products because of its ability to permanently wash away different types of bacteria from our hands and body. As soon as the bacteria come into contact with the antibacterial products, it is killed. Antibacterial products increase the effectiveness of hygienic measures and help to prevent diseases. This is done because they contain ingredients that prevent bacteria from reproducing on the surface.

Antibacterial technology works in different ways to stop the growth of bacteria and guarantee protection against the multiplication of bacteria. Unlike surface disinfectants, whose activity is limited, antibacterial products work continuously to kill bacteria and increase hygiene between two cleanings.

How to wash your hands effectively?

  1. Pour some of the antibacterial hand wash in your hand
  2. Add some water and scrub your hands and wrists for 40 to 60 seconds
  3. Rinse your hands thoroughly
  4. Dry your hands with a clean, dry towel or a disposable towel

Using normal hand wash or bar soap to wash your hands can dry your skin. Choose an antibacterial hand wash or bar soap that is not only effective on germs but also soft and smooth on your skin and works as a moisturizer.

How often is it recommended to wash your hands with an antibacterial hand wash?

  1. On returning home or arriving at your place of work
  2. After taking public transport
  3. Before cooking, before and after eating
  4. Before feeding a baby
  5. Before taking care of a baby
  6. After changing a baby's diaper
  7. After going to the bathroom
  8. Before and after taking care of a patient
  9. When your hands are very dirty!

Looking for effective and moisturising antibacterial products? Johnson’s is offering all that you need in a hand wash, soap bar, and body wash. Johnson’s antibacterial products are suitable for all types of skin and effectively help you to:

  1. Wash away germs and dirt
  2. Keep skin soft, moisturised and healthy looking
  3. Leave skin fresh and scented
  4. Natural ingredients keep fighting bacterial growth on your skin

Johnson’s effective and natural products are the best addition to your skin care routine. We guarantee you stay safe, protected and fresh.

You have always trusted Johnson’s products to give you the protection, freshness and smoothness you need daily. Johnson’s is now presenting the antibacterial range of products that you and your family will love to use. Whether you are looking for a hand wash, soap bar, or a body wash, we happily present Johnson’s antibacterial soap bars, antibacterial body washes and antibacterial hand washes.

Johnson’s Antibacterial Hand Wash

Johnson’s, the antibacterial expert, has developed a liquid antibacterial hand wash formulated with natural extracts. Rich in natural extracts, this hand wash cleans, moisturizes and softens the skin. Johnson’s offers you antibacterial sea salt liquid hand wash and antibacterial almond blossom liquid hand wash. Johnson’s antibacterial hand washes leave your skin fresh and with a nice fragrant.

Johnson’s Antibacterial Bar Soap

When you wash with ordinary body wash, you get rid of some of the germs, but those who remain on the hands are multiplying rapidly. Antibacterial Sea Salt Bar Soap and Antibacterial Almond Blossom Bar Soap are formulated by Johnson’s to give you the germ-free result you have been dreaming of along with infusing your skin with moisture.

Johnson’s ِِAntibacterial Body Wash

Use Johnson’s antibacterial body washes to effectively fight and protect from germs and bacteria that can cause several kinds of infections. JOHNSON’s® ANTIBACTERIAL Body Washes combines powerful MAX-PROTECT germ-removal technology with a moisturizer from 100% natural origin. They come in a caring almond blossom fragrance and an invigorating sea salts fragrance.