Bridal Beauty Tips: Your Head to Toe Prep for Your Big Day

We all want to look and feel good on our big day.  Radiant skin, luscious locks and a fragrant aura is the ultimate dream wedding look we all strive for. Plan your bridal beauty routine well in advance to secure that healthy and happy glow in all of your photos! Here are some great beauty tips that will assist you in obtaining that bridal glow.

1. Go Natural
Makeup and chemicals don’t beat the essential & organic goodness of nature. Try some natural beauty tips, homemade facial packs and scrubs to get that natural radiance from your skin. Take some time off from the planning and treat yourself to a professional pampering session once or twice a month.

2. Body bliss   
There is nothing quite as satisfying as having a full body massage. The warm essential oils lathered into your skin will leave your skin feeling smooth and supple. Homemade body masks and scrubs can also help you feel relaxed and help remove dead, unwanted skin. Remember to apply a rich moisturising lotion regularly. Using fruit extract rich moisturising lotions and creams will not only leave you with a lovely fragrance, but will also keep your skin looking radiant and healthy.

3. Eat well, drink more
You are what you eat, and this is particularly true when you are preparing to get that luscious blush on your big day.  Stay away from oily junk foods and replace them with healthy vegetable salads, fresh juices and fruits. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to maintain healthy looking skin.

4. Get in the groove
Exercising regularly is not only good for fitting in your lavish wedding dress, but will also help you detox and improve your skin’s health. In order to keep you from your everyday wedding stresses, yoga or meditation can help calm and destress you, which can in the end add to getting enough sleep. You can make the time!
5. Hands and feet
A regular manicure and pedicure can help with maintaining healthy hands and feet. You can also make a regular habit of soaking your feet in soapy water and removing excess dead skin with a pumice stone.  Applying a rich moisturising lotion and cream thereafter will help restore the moisture in your hands and feet, leaving them soft and healthy for when you can share that special moment with your special someone.