Easy Skin Care Techniques: Wipe it Off with Face Wipes

Facial wipes are the best. They’re lightweight, versatile, effective and extremely easy to carry around. You can now find them in various scents and sizes, and suited to various skin types and needs. But did you know that you can use them for more than just removing make-up or cleaning the skin? Read our easy skin care techniques below that make use of Johnson's face wipes! 

Beach buddies

Facial cleansing wipes are perfect for hot days at the beach. Use them to get rid of sunscreen residue, or just to cool down. And they are super easy to stash in your beach bag.

Fellow traveller

A long flight can lead to tired skin, and it shows. You may even feel dry or greasy during or after the flight, which can lead to dull-looking skin. Swipe a cleansing face wipe over your face, and you’ll feel clean and refreshed.

Body acne be gone

Sweat and grease are part of the workout routine. But letting the sweat soak into your skin can lead to clogged pores and awful body acne. If you know it will take you some time before you can hit the shower, grab a facial cleansing wipe, and swipe it down your back and shoulders for a quick clean. This helps to prevent any future breakouts.

Deodorant stains

Do you find yourself struggling to apply deodorant without getting it all over that new black shirt? Rubbing with a paper towel leaves residue that’s difficult to get rid of. Instead, grab a facial wipe and lightly wipe across the stain to eliminate any deodorant residue.

No more colour drama

A good at-home hair dye can be fantastic, but the extra dye running over your neck and forehead is not. Gently wipe away the dye with a facial wipe – it will clean your pores while eliminating left-over hair dye. The same can be applied to self-tanning lotions. A few gentle swipes will eliminate streaks right after application.

Post-gym ponytail

Don’t let the sweat ruin your look. Use a face wipe to swipe the hair away from your face and back into a sleek ponytail. You’ll find this is super-efficient and leaves no stray strands behind!