Dry Skin Care: Good Skin Care Habits & Tips for Beautiful Skin

Hydrated skin is beautiful to see and touch. When skin is properly moisturized, it is flexible and younger looking. Skin is healthy when it preserves and sustains it’s natural resources, and is protected from environmental harm.

When skin is dry, you feel both uncomfortable and unattractive. Scaly white, and sometimes red, patches on the skin are visible on your arms and legs, and can feel itchy and hard to touch. So how do you get beautiful skin?

Dry skin is caused by many factors – climate, genes, aging, or bad skin habits. You can combat most of the causes by following the best skincare habits to keep your skin hydrated and soft. Keep these easy skin care techniques in mind for healthy, soft, and moisturised skin:

  • Go warm - Hot water strips the skin of essential oils, so although a hot shower can feel good at the end of the day, keep the water temperature at warm to save your skin.
  • Cleanse - Use cleansers that are gentle on the skin, and provide the benefit of moisturising as well.
  • Pat, don’t rub - Never rub your skin with the towel. Pat your skin dry and let it soak up the excess water.
  • Moisturise – Use a moisturising lotion or cream that locks in the essential nutrients in your skin, and feeds it what it needs.
  • Protect – Never leave the house without sunscreen, as this will keep your skin protected from the harsh elements.
  • Set it up – A humidifier may be a good investment as it prevents the indoor air form getting too dry.
  • Eat and drink well – A hydrated body houses hydrated skin. Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep your skin beautiful from the inside out. Include a fair amount of fruits and vegetables in your meals to keep your body healthy and beautiful.