Skin Care in Winter

With the onset of winter, we look forward to the cooler weather, but the colder, drier air also brings dry skin and chapped lips with it. Here are some tips to bear in mind in order to keep your skin healthy and fresh this season.

Slather on sunscreen

Little do we realize that the winter sun can also damage the skin. A good sunscreen applied 30 minutes before stepping out should be sufficient.

Moisturize more

Your favorite moisturiser becomes ever so important during the winter season. You'd need to check if your moisturiser is oil-based, as the oil creates a protective layer on the skin, retaining the skin’s natural moisture. Shea butter is another good ingredient to look out for, as it soothes the skin and gives you long-lasting hydration.

Help your hands

The skin on your hands is thinner than on most parts of the body, which makes it harder to keep it hydrated. A moisturising cream, which has conditioners, moisturisers and softening oils, will help relieve tightness, roughness and dull looking skin.

Feed your feet

An oft-ignored limb, your feet also need some TLC during the harsh winter. Exfoliate regularly to get rid of any dead skin, and apply a good moisturising cream every day to ensure the skin on your feet remains soft and supple.

Tips for lips

If your body is dehydrated, it will show immediately on your lips. While drinking plenty of water and moisturising regularly keeps your lips soft for the rest of the year, they need extra care during the winter. Apply a base coat of moisturising lip balm before your lipstick, and even then, opt for a lipstick that comes with moisturising benefits.

Pace the Peels

Avoid harsh peels, masks and alcohol-based toners or astringents. Use a cream wash that has glycerine to help you get rid of impurities without drying your skin.

Stay wise with wipes

When using face wipes, choose the ones that not only cleanse but also moisturise. This helps you wipe away impurities and make-up, but still leave your skin feeling cleansed, hydrated, and restored. This one is our favorite for dry skin!