Body Wash Vs Shower Gel: Ingredients & Uses

What Is A Shower Gel? A shower gel is essentially a liquid soap or product, which is usually used on the body, although some formulations can be used on the hair as well. The shower gel is an emulsion of water and detergent base, usually with an added fragrance.
  Shower gels are now available in different colours and scents, and ake for beautiful additions to the bathroom shelf. They are formulated to be pH-balanced and come with soothing and moisturizing ingredients as well. They can be used by both men and women because of their gentle and calming properties.
Some shower gels contain mild conditioning agents in the formula, so they can double up as an effective and perfectly acceptable substitute to shampoo. Washing hair with a shower gel has about the same effect as a moisturizing shampoo.
What are the Ingredients in a Shower Gel? Shower gels are fun, soothing and beautifully-fragranced, making them attractive for bath time. And with the range of products now available, you can be sure they’ve become an integral part of our bathroom shelves.

Yet, do you know how they are affecting your skin? Like any other product, a shower gel is a formulation of different ingredients. You may find that some products end up drying or harming the skin on your body, which is never good news.

When you take a bath, the warm water opens up and cleans the pores, making absorption of ingredients easier. If you are using a shower gel with questionable ingredients, you are putting yourself at risk.

Pick up your favourite shower gel and take a look at the ingredients to have a bigger picture of what you are applying on your body. Essentially, shower gels are formulated with six key ingredients for cleansing, lathering, moisturizing and other actions:
  • Water – This is where the product gets its consistency. It also functions as the liquid solvent for the other ingredients
  • Emulsifiers – These are responsible for the foam, and also provide thickening for bath gels. This is where the gel-like consistency comes from
  • Detergents – This is the soap that is used to clean the skin
  • Surfactants – These ingredients work on the skin to create lather or foam
  • Preservatives – Shower gels need a long shelf life, so preservatives help keep them safe and prevent microbial contamination
  • Fragrance – This is what makes using a shower gel a pleasant experience. Choose a shower gel with a natural fragrance from essential oils or plant extracts

   Difference Between a Shower Gel VS Body Wash A shower gel and a body wash both serve the same purpose, i.e. clean the body. But the way they do it and the additional benefits they provide tend to differ. Since they are both liquids, they can be used with a bath sponge or mitt, creating more lather.

Both shower gels and body washes are available for men, women, and even children and infants, although the formulation and ingredients would be quite different for all.

Body wash and shower gels are quite similar, and most people generally use the terms interchangeably. However, there is a difference between the two. Although they are both liquid cleansers used on the body, the main difference between the two is textural.

The shower gel has a firmer, gel-like consistency, while body wash is more like liquid soap. However, due to the formulation, body washes are more moisturizing and hydrating than shower gels.

Shower gels are more fragrant than body washes, with a higher concentration of ingredients that are pleasing to the senses.

Using a Shower Gel Using a shower gel is a luxurious, pleasant experience. The foam makes your skin feel smooth and pampered, and the fragrance from the shower gel lingers on, extending the feeling of goodness for longer.

So, choose a shower gel with a fragrance you like. Long showers are a feel-good action in themselves, made even greater with a shower gel.

Shower gels have more than just different fragrances. They also come with different formulations, which provide additional benefits for the skin.

If you have dry skin, a moisturizing action is needed, and heavily scented shower gels should be avoided. For normal skin, you can use any kind of shower gel. Oily skin is best benefitted by a shower gel that has clarifying properties, which washes away excess oil.

Shower gels also have exfoliating properties and can wash away the dead cells from the skin on your body, effectively and easily.

You can also use a shower gel as a substitute for bubble bath products. Of course, the amount of suds will not be the same, but you can get a soft and luxurious feeling with the fragrance.

Find a Body Wash Suitable for You We use body washes on a daily basis when we shower. Therefore, it’s vital that you choose one that is safe for you and your skin.