Body Moisturizers & Lotions for Dry Skin Care

What Are Body Moisturizers?
We all like to have that one magic product that can work wonders for us. Although some products do deliver more than one benefit to your skin, choosing a product that suits your skin type and its needs completely can be difficult to find at times.

When it comes to moisturizing, you want to use a product that hydrates and restores your skin’s moisture balance. The right moisturizing regime will keep your skin looking soft and youthful.

The skin on your body is very different from facial skin. Facial skin is thinner and more delicate than the skin on your body. Also, the skin on your body is exposed to very different conditions than your face. For example, you wash your hands several times in the day. Your body experiences friction from the clothes you wear. So, the concerns of the skin on your body are different from the face.

Body moisturizers have a formulation that addresses the needs of your skin. Although the primary job of body moisturizers is to relieve dry skin, the ingredients are slightly different, which allow the nutrition to be properly absorbed into the skin.

Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin Care
Moisturizing is an essential requirement, no matter what your skin type. External and internal stressors affect the skin on our body and can leave it dry and flaky.

Dry skin in particular needs special attention, as it can cause discomfort – tightness, flaking etc. and also lead to more serious skin conditions. Moisturizers that have been specially formulated for dry skin are packed with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and other fortifying hydrators, which inject the skin with the hydration it needs.

Additionally, a good moisturizer for dry skin will form a protective layer on the skin, shielding it from environmental factors, while keeping the natural oils sealed in. Moisturizing the skin is a deep, penetrating action, the benefits of which can be seen in soft, smooth skin.

For dry skin, a cream or oil-based moisturizer is a better choice, as it is heavier in ingredients and can penetrate deeper into the skin.

In addition to a body moisturizing lotion or cream, you should opt for a moisturizing body wash, as this will protect the skin from the eroding action of water while delivering hydration into the open pores.

Johnson’s Moisturizing Body Lotion
In addition to moisturizing, body lotions can provide a host of other benefits to the skin.

The Vita-Rich Smoothing body lotion is a fast-absorbing formula that provides 24-hour moisture to the skin. Enriched with smoothing Papaya extract and nourishing shea butter, you will see the radiance.

For a natural glow, the Vita-Rich Brightening body lotion, infused with brightening pomegranate flower extract and nourishing shea butter is the best choice. The sweet scent is an added bonus.

Replenish the lost moisture in the skin with the Vita-Rich Replenishing body lotion. Infused with raspberry extract and shea butter, the formulation instantly hydrates the skin, and the results are noticeable.

You can also delight your body and pamper your skin with Johnson’s Vita-Rich Smoothies Comforting body lotion with yogurt, honey and oats. This luxurious and non-greasy body lotion helps moisturize and provides relief from dry skin. Enriched with yogurt concentrate, honey and oats, it keeps your skin moisturized for up to 48-hours.

For a more tropical smell, you can use Johnson’s Vita-Rich Smoothies Indulging body lotion with yogurt, peach and coconut. Special for its fast-absorbing formula, applying this body lotion keeps your skin moisturized for 48-hours, and makes you feel like you’re on vacation on a sunny island!

With the wide assortment of moisturizing body lotions and moisturizers, Johnson’s addresses the varied needs of dry skin on the body.