Body Lotion & Cream for Different Skin Types

Beautiful, soft skin is not a coincidence. It is the result of tender care, using the best products to protect and enhance the skin’s natural assets. Skin is at its most beautiful when it is well hydrated. While drinking plenty of water is the number 1 rule to keep your skin moisturised, using body lotions and creams helps make it more beautiful.

But how do you choose which is the best body lotion or body cream for you? The answer lies in your skin type and its specific requirements.

Body lotions have a higher water percentage, are light-weight, non-greasy, and more easily absorbed into the skin. They are excellent for normal to slightly dry skin. Since body lotions have a more liquid consistency, they don’t leave too much residue on the skin.

Body creams have a higher percentage of oil, and are thus heavier and richer than lotions. The consistency is thick, and they create a kind of barrier that helps keep the skin hydrated. Body cream is best for dry skin, and during winter months for normal skin.

Dry Skin – A thick, creamy consistency will form a layer of protection on your skin, and lock in the little moisture you have. Choose one with the right ingredients that also supplies your skin with the required hydration. In warm weather, you can choose a body cream that is light and non-greasy.

Normal Skin – Although normal skin can seem like a blessing, it also takes a lot to maintain. A light body lotion after a shower should suffice, and you can up the consistency during winter if you feel the skin is getting dry.

Oily Skin – Don’t think that oily skin does not need to be moisturised. Oily skin is most prone to pre-mature aging and other damage. Opt for an oil-free body lotion or body cream that is light in texture.

What are the Benefits of Lotion and Cream?

Body lotions and creams hydrate the skin, and protect against the harsh effects of our environment, namely heat, cold and wind. Massaging the creamy goodness into your skin makes you feel pampered and relaxed.

The best body cream for dry skin will help replenish extra dry or rough spots on the skin. You can even ease the calluses on your feet with a good body cream. And finally, choose one with the right ingredients, and it will leave you smelling and feeling divine!