Body Care Routine & Products for your Body

Taking care of the skin on the body is not easy. Chances are, there will always be a part that is ignored or forgotten when it comes to body care. But that does not mean that it is impossible to care for body skin.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and hence needs that extra time and attention. In addition to acting as a barrier to protect your internal organs, the skin functions as a temperature controller for the body. It helps keep infections at bay and even indicates the presence of a deep, internal problem when needed. So a good body care routine is essential to overall good health.
Body care
Body skin that is healthy will be happy, and keep you happy in return. And the one way to keep the skin healthy is by keeping it clean and caring for it. Beautiful, healthy skin requires daily care, and following a body care routine will keep your skin soft, supple, and radiant.

5 Tips for Your Body Care Routine

  1. Protect- A golden rule to follow is to not step out into the sun without protection. A good sunscreen with the right SPF can protect your skin from the sun, and prevent wrinkles and dry, flaky skin. If you are out for an extended period of time, re-apply during the day. Try to stay out of the sun during peak time.
  2. Products - Determine your skin type, and choose bath and body care products that address and cater to your needs. Gentle products that clean the body without drying the skin are essential. Moisturising products should also be chosen according to the dryness level of the skin. Lotions and creams can serve different purposes, so pick our products carefully.
  3. Pick the shower - Long hot baths dehydrate the body as they strip natural oils from the skin. A shower with lukewarm water will clean the skin without drying it. You can indulge in a bath occasionally, but be careful that the water is not too hot, and you don’t soak the body for too long.
  4. Pat dry - Most of the time, we tend to rub the skin dry after a shower. This is detrimental, as rubbing creates friction that dries the skin. Always pat the body dry with a soft towel.
  5. Prepare - Healthy skin is a reflection of a healthy body. Caring for the body from the inside will come out as a healthy glow on the outside. Drink sufficient water, and eat healthy balanced meals to keep your skin soft and radiant. Get enough sleep, and avoid bad habits like smoking to keep yourself healthy, inside and out.

Body care routine
A good body care routine comprises three basic steps. These are cleansing, care, and protect.

Cleaning the skin removes dirt, sebum, sweat, and other residues from the skin. This keeps bacteria and other infections at bay, avoiding skin issues like acne, eczema, etc. Quality bath products will help you to cleanse and care for the skin on your body.

Body care products like sunscreen, moisturising creams, and lotions replenish lost nutrition on the skin. They help to hydrate the body and even treat specific skin concerns (such as dryness). Sensitive areas of the body, like hands and feet, armpits, and scalp are especially in need of some additional care.

And finally, to keep the skin looking and feeling great, you need to keep it protected. Body treatments and body rejuvenation products help keep the skin safe from external stressors.
Johnsons Body Care Products
Johnsons offers a range of body care products to address the diverse needs of your skin. The range of body creams works to smoothen and revitalise the body, with light fragrances of rose, papaya, pomegranate, raspberry, or grapeseed oil. If you are looking to replenish lost nutrition, or brighten the skin, the range of vita-rich lotions will work wonders.

Johnsons also offer moisturising creams, lotions, and hand creams, caring for every part of the body skin.