Best skincare habits to keep your Summer glow

The bright sunshine and overwhelming heat wreaks havoc on our skin. You need to tweak your routine, and the products you use, to counteract the effects of the summer, and achieve flawless skin on your hands, arms, and body. We have a few easy tips for some of your most common summer skin care problems!

Best skincare habits for dry-looking skin

Start by drinking plenty of water. Assess your cleansing products and ensure nothing is too harsh, as that will strip away moisture along with dirt and grime. Opt instead for a soothing, moisturising body wash and lotion to help rejuvenate and repair through the night.

Best skincare habits for leathery-looking Skin

Over exposure to the sun can lead to pre-mature aging, leaving your skin looking like leather. While a good sunscreen can prevent a lot of damage, you need to fight these effects with an intense beauty regime. Use a rich, nourishing cleanser, followed by a revitalising cream. A replenishing body wash can also aid in exfoliating the dry, dead skin, brightening up the complexion.

Best skincare habits for blotchy Skin

Your skin can look dull and uneven after a summer full of sun and outdoor activities. You need to exfoliate the dead skin cells, and follow it up with a deeply hydrating cream to make it feel soft again.


Be gentle. You may have upped the ante on your cleansing routine during the summer, exposing your skin to harsher products than it is used to. So just make sure you change the products you use accordingly, and drink up that water!